A Landscape Story in Abstract Art  

Over the years my art and the way I apply the paint has changed a lot! My painting has developed into a contemporary abstract style and I’m liking it that way, I’m finding the joy in my art and I think it shows in the work I am now producing. I look for big changes in the landscape, where one colour  might end and another begins or where one shape ends and another begins, or how the water falls or the sea moves, I then want to relay this back in my work by making big surprising changes and I sometimes achieve this better by using collage. I want my work to be an emotional response to the way I feel and to the environment and the energy that nature provides. I work in an intuitive and gestural way, covering up and then unearthing marks through an energetic process that depicts the landscape. Using outdoor sketches I explore this process through colour, shape, values and line and then returning to the studio; I listen to my favourite music and I make my piece of art. I use a variety of paint, crayons, oil pastels charcoal and collage; sometimes with many layers. I finish my work with a protection of UV varnish and a selection of mediums to give them  a good stable protection

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Find me and my work at York Racecourse in October 

Art&York is a 3 day event celebrating art, design & contemporary craft at York Racecourse Events Centre, North Yorkshire.

Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2020


Painting “en plein air” I will always try and create the same feelings that I experienced – something I want to tell the world about

Pam Smallshaw