A Landscape Story in Abstract Art  

I am an abstract landscape artist working in mixed media. I create energetic and exciting paintings inspired by the changing weather on a changing landscape and just like the weather I never know how it will end.

My paintings are developed in layers, I don’t start off with a plan , the plan develops as I work through my process keeping my paintings fresh and exciting, first starting off with spontaneous marks and washes, followed by layers of paint and more marks. I finally orchestrate my piece of art using sketches I’ve made in the landscape and recalling the feelings of connection and emotion. I have recently gone through a life changing and very scary experience and it has definitely changed the way I paint, I am not afraid to make a mistake, I can take risks, I’m bolder, I’m braver and there is a lot more of me in my paintings now which has certainly made my art stronger. 

I live and work in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales giving me a fantastic opportunity to study the weather on the landscape, every day changes, turning greens to blues and skies to an array of amazing hues, it’s simply beautiful and every day is a joy.

I believe art should be soulful and make an impact on the world and it’s a truly magical moment when a viewer connects with that art.

My new paintings will be on my “New Works 2021” page 

Art&York Online 2021 is a 3 day online event celebrating art, design & contemporary craft 

22nd – 24th October 2021


Painting for me is all about emotion, if I can’t let go then it doesn’t work 

Pam Smallshaw